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Title Loan FAQs

Following are questions our customers frequently ask about title loans. If you do not see the answer to your question or concern here, please feel free to contact us by phone or using the online application.

Q: Am I still permitted get an auto equity loan if I do not have any credit or I have a bad credit score? What about a personal bankruptcy?

Of course that is what we are about. There is no need to worry if your credit is bad or even if you don't have any credit at all and a bankruptcy will never stop you from obtaining a great car title loan from us. We will help you figure out the best terms, too. Credit history is not even one factor in the loans we make because the price of the loan is associated with the value of your car.

Q: What is the process for me to get accepted for a no credit check car title loan?

To put it simply, all you have to do to get a title loan on your car is apply right here on this internet site that you are on. If you wish to give us a call on the telephone to ask any questions, that is okay, too. Or, you may come to any one of many venues and work with a customer service agent to get your loan accepted.

Q: What is a motor vehicle equity loan? What is a car title loan? What is a no credit vehicle title loan?

This kind of loan is intended to use your vehicle's title to secure the cash that you get. By making loans in this way we know that you want to repay your loan since you have put up the title. This is the rapid way to get the cash you require without having to go through a lot of trouble. Most of these loans may be genuine life savers for many individuals who need money fast.

Q: What exactly are South Carolina Car Title Loans?

We provide you with a fast, warm and friendly service that is committed to helping you get the price of your automobile in a vehicle title loan. We help you to get approved fast to be able to have your money quickly. Our reputation is that we are the South Carolina Cash in Just 1 Hour automobile title loan provider.

Q: What do I need to do to get my instant car title loan payments?

You can use a money order, a certified check, or a debit card from VISA or MasterCard.

Q: Will you call my employer or the references I give?

We have to call your references and company so that we can verify the accuracy of the information on your application. We handle your personal info with the strictest confidence and we do not divulge the nature of the phone call so that we can safeguard your privacy. It is important to us that you feel secure in doing business with us.

Q: What makes your vehicle title loan company the most beneficial one for my requirements?

Most of our customers choose us because our auto title loan interest rates are the cheapest in the state of South Carolina. Our competitors may charge up to 25-30% in interest charges alone for the loan you can get through them and that isn't good if you need cash fast. Those companies likewise want you to pay off your loan in only 30 or 90 days and this will make it hard for you. We let you have up to 42 months to settle your quick cash auto title loan so that you do not have to have difficulties.

Q: Now that I've been pre-approved what do I do?

Now we go on to the next thing and one of our customer service representatives calls your telephone to guide you through the remaining process. An underwriter works with us and personally reviews your loan application to offer the best auto title loan solution.

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